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With this window, you can configure your text-to-speech. Because of some texts come from Little Nav Map, the fields are enabled or disabled depending on the source.

TypeThe Type of the text-to-speech. Can be Intro, Waypoint and Timer
DescriptionA hint for you, what’s the source of the text-to-speech
Fly-InThese parameters are used if you fly into or enter the area for the txt-to-speech
Fly-OutThese parameters are used if you fly out or leave the area for the txt-to-speech
TextThe spoken text of MSFS speech synthesizer. This text is also shown on the screen, if sub-titles are activated in the sim.
SoundfileYou can select a soundfile to be played instead of the speech synthesizer. MSFS SDK needs PCM-WAVE format, 16bits, 22Khz and mono.
DelayA delay after the execution before the next action is fired.
Length, Width, HeightDimensions of the rectangle / 3D box in the virtual world
Lat, Lon, Alt, AGLCenter position of the 3D box in the virtual world
Heading, Pitch, BankThe heading, pitch and bank of the 3D box in the virtual world
Remove SoundRemoves the sound file from the TTS but keep it on disk.
Select SoundSelect a sound file and assign it to the TTS. The original file is copied to your project folder.
Create WAVOpens the WAV-Creation-Window to create sound files from your texts with different voices in different languages. You can also record sound from your input and output devices.
Detected LegBushTripInjector assigns your TTS to a Leg. For performance reasons, the TTS is only activated for this leg.
Leg NumbersIf you don’t like the automatic selection, you can overwrite it here. Separate your selection with commas, e.g. “1, 3, 9”. If the TTS should be activated on all legs, enter 0 here.

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