BushTripInjector is an add-on for creating Bush Trips in Microsoft Flightsimulator.

Create fantastic Bush Trips in high quality with BushTripInjector. It allows you to create them without having any knowledge about xml files, programming or other advanced IT skills. And because no SDK or other development environment is needed.

Main Features

  • Creates 2D Images for the Landing Airports in Nav Log automatically
  • Assisted 3D image generation for briefing (start of leg)
  • Use your own Images for Landing, Briefing and Waypoints
  • Generate Waypoint Images from a Map
  • Free Texts for Nav Log
  • Append Nav Log Entries by Wikipeadia articles
  • Create Waypoint Images from Wikipedia articles.
  • Create voice announcements for Waypoints (instructions)
  • Create voice announcements at any positions
  • Use your own soundfile for announcements or music
  • Create airstrips for your Bush Trip wherever you want
  • Trigger and Events Editor: Define conditional triggers and fire an action