Tutoriel en français / Tutorial in French

Pour les utilisateurs français de BushTripInjector il y a un tutoriel écrit par Pacha35. Il est disponible sur

For the French users of BushTripInjector there is a tutorial written by Pacha35. It is available on


How to get a Productkey

If you have any issue to get a license key or to start BushTripInjector >0.9.2, please follow this guide.

BushTripInjector doesn’t startup

Some users reports BushTripInjector is closing immediately after startup or is closing after the main window was shown.

This usually occurs when BushTripInjector does not have access to the Internet. Please check your firewall that access to

  • and

is possible. If you have an further issue, please contact me on discord.

Get a Product-Key

A product key is mandatory with BushTripInjector. You get it for free and without any charge for private and non-commercial use. Of course, you can publish the trips for free on any freeware platform and add a donation button.

After startup of a unregistered BTI you get following dialog:

If you already got a key from me, paste or type it here and click “ok”

To request a new key, hit the “Request New Key” button and following form will appear:

Type in all requested information..

Hit the “Send Mail” or “Send Request” Button (depends on your version).

Your Default Mail-App will open with a new Mail. Please add the Textfiles stored on your desktop. This file can be process with automated licensing process and you receive your grant much faster.

Do not modify any information below the — line. This will lead to an invalid product key which cannot be activated.

When you receive the product key from me, paste it to the dialog of the first image and enjoy creating bush trips with BushTripInjector.

If your current rig does not have any mail client installed and cannot react on the mailto: command, press the “Create Textfile” button. This stores a text file with the request on your desktop. Send this file as attachment to the mentioned mail.