Beautiful Canyons #2
Blyde River Canyon

Blyde Canyon is certainly the greenest of its kind and is considered one of the great natural wonders of Africa. The canyon is located in the nearly 300 square kilometer Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, where the Blyde (joy) and Treur (sorrow) rivers meet. Its enormous round rocks, the rondavels, are reminiscent of traditional African round huts. From numerous vantage points there are fantastic views over the lush landscape – on clear days even as far as the border to Mozambique.
The Blyde River Canyon is 26 kilometers long, up to 800 meters deep and mainly made of red sandstone. Since the route through the canyon is quite short, there are also some sights of the surrounding bush landscape to see and we work our way to the source of the Blyde River.
Have fun flying and exploring wishes Koschi.

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