Beautiful Canyons #5
Fish River Canyon

Part 2 of this series already took place in neighboring South Africa. Now it’s off to the African continent once again, where you can get to know another spectacular canyon, the Fish River Canyon in Namibia.
The canyon is located in southern Namibia. It is about 160 kilometers long, up to 27 kilometers wide and up to 550 meters deep, washed out by the Fish River, the largest canyon in Africa and is considered the second largest canyon on earth after the Grand Canyon. It essentially runs through the Hunsberg Mountains and begins at Seeheim in the north and ends at Ai-Ais in the south, while the river does not flow into the Oranje, the border river with South Africa, until a few kilometers later. The Fish River Canyon impresses with its unique landscape. Only a few green bushes can be seen along the Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail on the canyon floor and its burnt out landscape. Water in the riverbed is only seen after heavy rains, especially in March and April; this persists in parts of the riverbed until June, after which there are only pools.
Meanwhile, Namibia has become one of the ultimate dream destinations in southern Africa, especially for first-timers to Africa. Easily accessible by jet worldwide, Namibia combines everything you imagine Africa to be: endless space, colorful desert landscapes, “wild Africa” in a natural setting, and of course one of the most spectacular canyons in the world.

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