Beautiful Canyons #8

It is hardly known, yet it is the longest and deepest canyon in Europe. That is why it is also called the Grand Canyons of Europe. The Tara, with 140 kilometers the longest river in the country, has dug itself into the rock in this canyon. The river impresses with rapids, waterfalls up to 60 meters high and last but not least with the unearthly beautiful color of the water. Enclosed in a wonderful mountain landscape, which in spring and summer shines in the most magnificent green of the forests, the gorge winds through the country for a total of about 78 kilometers. In 1980, the lower part of the river, formed as a gorge, as part of the National Park Durmitor, was included by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
The journey begins with a shorter stretch over the Drina River. The Drina, with its headwaters Tara and Piva, rises in the high karst zone of the Central Dinarides and drains to the Black Sea. Then comes a section of about 2 hours of flight to the river Tara with breathtaking gorges, to its source. The last leg will take you to the beaches of the blue Adriatic Sea, over the natural wonder of the Bay of Kotor to the Croatian airport of Dubrovnik, in 3 legs over 280 nautical miles.

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