WR II: Colorado River

The Colorado River is one of the most important rivers in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Agriculture, drinking water and electricity supplies in the southwestern United States and parts of California depend heavily on the water regime of the 2330 km long Colorado River.

Its catchment area is vast, and its reservoirs and dams are among the largest in the world. It is primarily the mid-river course of the river that has created distinctive landscapes. It begins when the Colorado River leaves the Rocky Mountains behind and reaches the highlands of the Colorado Plateau. From there, the Colorado River today flows through canyons that it and its tributaries have created themselves. These include Glenwood Canyon in Colorado, Glen Canyon in Utah, and both Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon in Arizona. The latter is a sight with cult status, to which hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world make their way every year.

You fly the DA40-NG from the source of the Colorado River in the Rocky Mountains through the states of Colorado, Utah and Arizona. The river forms a large part of the border between Arizona and Nevada on its way, as well as the entire border between Arizona and California. After that, the Colorado River leaves the United States and flows into Mexico. What remains of it empties into the Gulf of California there.

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