WR III: Murray River

Go Somewhere That Makes You Forget Your Phone!

The Murray River is Australia’s longest river. It flows through three states and provides lush green landscapes in its surroundings.
Discover friendly country villages, rugged nature, wonderful culinary delights and great wines as you travel along the Murray River through Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

All climates are represented in this vast area, from alpine to subtropical, temperate to arid. 30,000 large and small marshes can be found along the banks of the river systems, eight of which have been designated as worthy of international protection.

From its mouth, the Murray is navigable 1986 kilometers upstream to Yarrawonga Weir (Victoria). There are 13 locks or weirs along this stretch. Popular is the trip with houseboats.

You will fly in the Robin DR400, a popular single engine light aircraft. It provides you with excellent outward visibility so you can enjoy the scenery of the Murray River at its best. After landing, find a suitable parking position and shut down the engine.

The voice messages are active when Com1 is set to 123.000 MHz (Unicom), Com1 is activated and the volume of Com1 is above 0. To deactivate, turn down the volume, deactivate Com1 or change the frequency.

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