WR V: Ganges River

Welcome to the journey across the Ganges, the holiest river of the Hindus.

You start in Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, and first cross the over 300 kilometer long Ganges delta. Then you follow the lower Meghna and the Padma, as the Ganges is called in Bangladesh.

Through the Ganges plain you follow the course of the river to Prayagraj. There you will take a detour across the Yamuna to Dehli to the Himalayas and the headwaters, as well as the five sacred river mouths, the Panch Prayag.

If you tune COM2 to 123,000 MHz, you will get a lot of information about the river and its religious significance. If you don’t understand the spoken English language very well, turn on the subtitles in the general options and download the flight manual in your desired language. There, all language versions are translated. Unfortunately, the simulator currently only supports English as the language output.

You are piloting a DA40NG on this trip and have to manage the fuel on your own.
Have fun on this journey and always happy landings.

Kali Gandaki

In this bonustrip you follow the river Kali Gandaki upstream through the Himalayas.
The canyon separates the main peaks of Dhaulagiri to the west and Annapurna to the east. If you measure the depth of a canyon by the difference between the height of the river and the heights of the highest peaks on either side, the canyon is the deepest in the world. The part of the river directly between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna is at an elevation of 2,520 meters, which is 5,571 meters lower than the summit of Annapurna and 5,647 meters lower than the summit of Dhaulagiri.


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