Sim Fly Guy

Sim Fly Guy, a Youtuber from the USA, shows you interesting news from the MSFS scene on his channel. One of his specialties are flights in remote areas, especially in the Idaho backcountry. The bushtrips he shows on his channel are created with BushTripInjector. For the future it is planned to create common tutorial videos as well as a behind-the scenes series about the creation of the bushtrips for the channel.

The Sim Fly Guy Channel is driven by the enjoyment of aviation, commonly through the medium of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is an educational journey for Sim Fly Guy and channel viewers, an opportunity to share a love of flying and flight simulation with others, and a chance to simply create, collaborate, build skills, and make a positive contribution to this amazing community.

BuffyGC welcomes Sim Fly Guy to the BushTripInjector Community and is looking forward for some common projects.

You can find the content of Sim Fly Guy on Youtube.