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Audio Resampling

BushTripInjector’s internal Audio Resampler resamples your recorded sound files or each other supported audio file into MSFS supported PCM WAVE file format. Official supported are 22Khz sample rate, 16bit and mono. I know, 44Khz, 16bit and stereo is currently working.

Supported input file formats are:

  • mp3 – MPEG Audio Layer III
  • wav – RIFF WAVE format in many formats (PCM, MS_ADPCM, IEEE_FLOAT, Xbox_ADPCM and much more)
  • wma – Windows Media Audio
  • aiff – Audio Interchange File Format
  • aac – Advanced Audio Coding

Clicking on the resample button will create a new file. You need to assign it by yourself to your text-to-speech or OneShotSoundAction.

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