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You can download BushTripInjector and the databases from: Download BushTripInjector:

There you will find the downloads for the BushTripInjector application, the databases for it and also the MissionChanger:

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Current VersionWith this button you can download the latest version of the application.
Main DatabaseThis link will take you to the download of the main database for BushTripInjector.
You only need this if World Updates have just been released and the main program has not been updated yet, or if you have been using a different version of the database.
Parking DatabaseThis is the current version of the airport parking database from the simulator
Navigation DatabaseThis is the current version of the database for the navigation aids from the simulator.
Former VersionIf BushTripInjector changes the file format, both formats will be supported for a certain time. If an obsolete support is dropped, you can find a version of the product that can still convert your old files here.


Current VersionHere you can find the latest version of MissionChanger, which allows you to change existing missions from the official simulator and also from community missions.
See also: MissionChanger

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