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Flight Book

Create Flightbook creates a documentation of your bush trip in OpenXml-Document format. This can be opened and modified by many word-processing-apps like MS Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, Apache OpenOffice and many more. The document should be compatible with ISO/IEC 29500, but no warranty – I don’t like to read 6000+ pages of documentations.


Define a common template for all your bush trips with Format-Settings and predefined content like Header/Footer, Logo and so on. BushTripInjector is using Header 1-3 and Standard/Default paragraph settings.

BTI will start at the end of your template with fill in the content. Feel free to place your logo on top of the first page.

If you don’t set a template, BushTripInjector will use a internal default template but not your default template of your word-processing-app.


With this flag you can tell BTI, if it should add a header and footer to the document for each page.


Select between a Freetext and Table Format. This affects the presentation of the images and the flight plan data at the beginning of the documentation for a waypoint. Freetext will add your waypoint text close to the flightplan information, Table will encapsulate the image and flight plan data into a table:

The left image is Freetext, the right one is Table.

Image Sizes

Here you define the width of the images in your flight book. BushTripInjector will maintain the aspect ratio. Because of the different page formats, page margins and font sizes, you need to figure out the best size for you.

A good formula is:

  • Usable page width for the main images and
  • Usable page width without margin minus 5.5-6cm / 2.2-2.4″ (for flight info) for the waypoint images


With this flag you control if BushTripInjector adds a table of contents to your flight book.

VFR Table

With this flag you tell BushTripInjector, if a VFR flight planning table has to be added to each leg. There are two different flight planning tables available, depending on the setting of the Wind Parameters.

VFR flight planning table with wind correction
VFR flight planning table without wind correction

The VFR flight planning tables has these fields:

ALTAltitude from the flight plan. Source is Little Nav Map or BushTripInjector depending on the Adjust Altitude setting on Base Data.
TCTrue Course
The initial great circle course to reach the next waypoint without respect to wind and magnetic declination.
MagDecMagnetic Declination
The magnetic declination of the previous waypoint. This is calculated by BushTripInjector if it gets the data from the Sim on start-up. This should be the case if the community folder was detected correctly. If not, it is the magnetic declination of the last airport.
(only when wind correction is off)
MCMagnetic Course
Pretty simple, True Course minus magnetic declination.
(only when wind correction is off)
WindCurrent Wind situation. This is blank and can be filled by the user, if the wind correction parameter was off, else filled with your input.
TASTrue Airspeed
The TAS you entered.
(only when wind correction is on)
THTrue Heading
This is the true heading. BushTripInjector calculates true course and the wind correction factors depending on your air speed.
(only when wind correction is on)
MHMagnetic Heading
This is the heading you need to fly to reach the next waypoint. This includes all factors: Wind, TAS, Magnetic declination
DistDistance to next waypoint
GSGround Speed:
Calculated by BushTripInjector from TAS, altitude from flightplan and wind correction.
TIMETo be filled by pilot
FuelTo be filled by pilot

Include Text

TTS from ProximitiyTriggers when area is on waypointThis will add any text from TTS from Event&Triggers Editor, when the TTS is assigned to a ProximityTrigger and one of the areas assigned to the trigger has the same coordinates as a waypoint.
This text is added after the waypoint.
TTS of ProximitiyTriggers when the area is outside waypoints.This will add any text from TTS from Event&Triggers Editor, when the TTS is assigned to a ProximityTrigger and one of the areas assigned to the trigger is near the flightpath after the waypoint.
This text is added after the waypoint.
Incl. TTS (Worldmap)This will add any text from TTS of WorldMap Rectangles. You can chose, if the text is added before or after the NavLog entry.


Select whether BushTripInjector should remove empty lines from the intro text.


The language in which the document should be created and which language table of your bush trips should be used for the creation.

Wind Parameters

  • Wind Direction and Wind speed
  • True Airspeed for climb, cruise and descent.
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