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The Translate Window

The translate window.

This window contains the translatable strings and text from in the selected Base-Language.

BushTripInjector determinate which entries needs a translation or not. This feature is enabled for all languages, which have at least one translation.

DeepL-API Integration

Full Automated Translations

If you enter your DeepL-API-Key (free or paid) on the Options-Sheet, BushTripInjector gives you the possibility to translate your bushtrip in each language supported by MSFS.

DeepL UsageThis shows you the current usage of your API Key in used characters and number of free/paid characters.
Translate this LanguageTranslates the Base-Language in the currently selected language with respect with the settings right of the button.
Translate all LanguagesTranslates the Base-Language in all available languages of MSFS and DeepL with respect of the setting right of the button.
Empty Entries onlyOnly empty entries of the target language will be translated.
Needed Entries onlyOnly entries with the “TranslationNeeded” flag will be translated, when you use “Translate this Language” or “Translate all Languages”.
All EntriesAll entries will be translated. Current content will be overwritten.
WPNamesIf ticked, the Names of the Waypoints will be translated. By default, they will not be translated.
Get an API-Key from DeepL for free

DeepL offers a free of charge API Key for developers. Register for free at https://www.deepl.com/pro#developer/ and get 500000 chars free each month!

Translation Options

There are several options for the translations with DeepL-API. Define exclusions, Formats and much more. All of the options are used for single entries and full language translations.

Read more at: Options – BushTripInjector

Translate single entries

With the DeepL App

In the top of the screen you see from which language (here: en-US) to which language (here: de-DE) the translate will be executed.

Start the DeepL App if the app has not started with Windows. Click on the Translate button in the left column (Actions) to translate a single line. If you have an API Key, BushTripInjector will use your key instead of the app.

DeepL opens and shows the translation. With the button “Copy” you can enter the translated text in the Translate Window.

When you are ready be sure to click OK in the bottom right corner. This is to save the contents of the screen in de XML file.

When you click the OK button the Translation Window closes.

To make another translation, first save the screen and then select another language.

Translate without the DeepL App

Clicking on the “Translate” Button, BushTripInjector will copy the text from your base language into the clipboard and watches now the clipboard for changes.

Paste the text into your preferred app or web app and let it translate your entry. Just copy the translation and BTI will add it to the selected target language automatically.

Translate All Languages / Single Language

This is only available, if you have entered your DeepL-API Key. It will translate each entry depending on the setting to all MSFS supported languages. Just keep in mind, DeepL doesn’t supper nb-NO.

DeepL currently has no distinction between es-ES and es-MX. Translations contain the identical content. Therefore BTI does not translate via “Translate All” in es-MX.
When you generate your BushTrip, BTI automatically takes over empty entries of es-MX from es-ES, so that the pilots in Latin America can still benefit from the translation. This procedure saves you the character consumption for a double translation.
The fields for es-MX are also left empty when translating, in case DeepL supports es-MX in a future version, making translation easy.

There are several option for the automatic translation with the DeepL-API. Check them out on Options-DeepL.


Whenever you use the DeepL API with your API key, BushTripInjector checks for existing and enabled glossaries.
With the glossaries you can centrally override avionics specific things that an automatic translator mistranslates and all your translations will take the translation you provide in the future.
The BushTripInjector community already provides predefined glossaries for some language combinations. Synchronize them via the cloud.
If you have specific things you would like to have recorded, join the great community and share your entries: BushTripInjector Community

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