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We have decided to stop using as a platform for sharing our products and have closed the download option there. We are concerned about potential loopholes in the platform’s terms and conditions that could compromise the integrity of our brand and our ability to protect our intellectual property.

The imbalance in the terms and conditions between the platform and the creators leads, in our view, to an unsustainable potential financial risk that we are not willing to take.

As our products may include content from Microsoft Flight Simulator, Google and other providers, we can no longer offer them on their platform as the terms may violate Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules and Google’s and other providers’ fair use policies. would like to grant itself an unlimited, perpetual, irrevocable licence to distribute, host, make available and publicly display the add-ons, and pass all liability claims to the add-on authors. At the launch of the platform and in the last terms of use we agreed, not only was deletion guaranteed, but it was also promised that the licence granted to would expire at the same time:

Under the current terms, operators would have the right to put an add-on back on their platform at any time, even under a different account. The perpetual and irrevocable licence would allow this.

Any discussion about the changed ToS was meanwhile blocked or deleted by them on their managed platforms (website, feedback, discord). The creators and originators were described there as not being able to judge the ToS, after all they were created by the lawyers hired by Everyone is free to rate such statements.

So we follow “KL791”. He is the author of the popular GAIST – Global AI Ship Traffic add-on, with about 180,000 downloads to date. The developer team of Gotfriends has also left the platform and after announcing the withdrawal of their freeware products, has removed all payware products of Gotfriends from their store.

Although we have appreciated the presence of in the past, we believe that it is no longer a reliable platform for our products. We are saddened by the recent actions of and have completely lost our trust.

The files for BushTripInjector as well as for MissionChanger can be found in the download section of this page or directly at

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