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We have decided to stop using as a platform for sharing our products and have closed the download option there. We are concerned about potential loopholes in the platform’s terms and conditions that could compromise the integrity of our brand and our ability to protect our intellectual property.

The imbalance in the terms and conditions between the platform and the creators leads, in our view, to an unsustainable potential financial risk that we are not willing to take.

As our products may include content from Microsoft Flight Simulator, Google and other providers, we can no longer offer them on their platform as the terms may violate Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules and Google’s and other providers’ fair use policies. would like to grant itself an unlimited, perpetual, irrevocable licence to distribute, host, make available and publicly display the add-ons, and pass all liability claims to the add-on authors. At the launch of the platform and in the last terms of use we agreed, not only was deletion guaranteed, but it was also promised that the licence granted to would expire at the same time:

Under the current terms, operators would have the right to put an add-on back on their platform at any time, even under a different account. The perpetual and irrevocable licence would allow this.

Any discussion about the changed ToS was meanwhile blocked or deleted by them on their managed platforms (website, feedback, discord). The creators and originators were described there as not being able to judge the ToS, after all they were created by the lawyers hired by Everyone is free to rate such statements.

So we follow “KL791”. He is the author of the popular GAIST – Global AI Ship Traffic add-on, with about 180,000 downloads to date. The developer team of Gotfriends has also left the platform and after announcing the withdrawal of their freeware products, has removed all payware products of Gotfriends from their store.

Although we have appreciated the presence of in the past, we believe that it is no longer a reliable platform for our products. We are saddened by the recent actions of and have completely lost our trust.

The files for BushTripInjector as well as for MissionChanger can be found in the download section of this page or directly at


Adventum Simulations

Adventum Simulations Adds Powerful Tool For Mission Development

Adventum Simulations, in cooperation with BushTripInjector, is proud to announce that it will be using the powerful mission creation tool BushTripInjector for its current and future mission-based projects.

Jeff at Adventum Simulations says, “BushTripInjector has impressed me from the moment I started using the software. The ease of use and the plethora of options that the software provides are unmatched in the mission creation arena. The Flight Simulator Marketplace integration is a huge plus, and Thomas’s one-on-one support has been stellar! The toolkit is a fantastic application, and I highly recommend it to those looking for an easy-to-use solution for your content creations.”

You can find out more about Adventum Simulations and their mission-based products here:


MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum and BushTripInjector announces an important partnership. Bushtripinjector Pro Edition is now the official software used by MiGMan in the development of its products.

BushTripInjector is a software based on the .net framework to create BushTrips, DiscoveryFlights and Training Missions for the Microsoft Flightsimulator. Since Sim Update 5 of Microsoft Flight Simulator all of the Bush Trips included in the sim are created with BushTripInjector.

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum is pleased to be working with BushTripInjector, which will solve the technical issues involved in publishing this type of content in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Peter from MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum says “BushTripInjector has created an invaluable toolkit for content creators who want to publish in the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace. Thomas is extremely attuned to the needs of developers and quick to address the technical issues which arise in such a complex eco-system.”

Thomas from BushTripInjector is really happy about this partnership: “Peter is a really wonderful and smart person with much experience in creating add-ons for the different simulators. We are very proud to support MiGMan with new releases and to provide further market access.”

Learn more of MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum at

Download MiGMan’s World Tour from SimMarket:



Koschi, very well-known and popular through much freeware Bushtrips supports Microsoft in creating incredible missions for the MS-Flightsimulator.

Koschi says he loves Bushtrips, and therefore likes to create some himself and not only for the English-speaking flight simulator community but for all languages. With this introduction he welcomes his users on All his missions are multi-lingual.

His repertoire includes tricky missions, outstanding sightseeing, re-flying historical routes and of course discovering new areas. It is no surprise that some of his missions are in his home country and introduce the user to it with extensive details about landmarks and historical references.

Each of his tours has a self-contained theme that fascinates the user for several days. From simple trips to complex missions, Koschi has something for everyone.

With over 40 freely available missions on, Koschi is one of the most famous authors, if not the most famous. More than 20,000 downloads confirm his success.

His most successful project Flight Adventure: “Alpine pilot”, for example, includes 17 separate trips with different conditions and levels of difficulty. Of course, Koschi creates his trips exclusively with BushTripInjector.

The BushTripInjector team congratulates Koschi for his engagement with Microsoft, well actually Koschi already belongs to both teams.

Have fun flying the new Local-Legend-Missions with the Fokker of Koschi in Microsoft Flightsimulator.

Congratulations to this incredible success!

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BushTripInjector is free for your personal use, but not for us. Maintaining and improving software not only costs a lot of time, but money as well. For example, there are hardware and software costs, telecommunication costs and more. This project is not backed by a company, so there is no fixed funding and every minute we spend on it is taken from our spare time.

If BushTripInjector proves to be useful to you, we would be very glad to receive some appreciation in return.


User-Guide by FronTech

Started with notes about features he discovered and many nice conversations and even more questions on the Discord server he expanded his great work and the idea was born to create a user guide for all users.

At the same time the online help was created and together we were able to merge a lot of content.
The BushTripInjector team is very pleased with the scope and content of the manual and would like to thank FronTech for this impressive work. Only because of his work an online help and a printable manual for BushTripInjector could be created, from which many users can benefit in the future to create first class BushTrips.

Here again the link to the User-Guide: BushTripInjector User Manual
And to the knowledge base / online help: Online-Help


BushTripInjector Online-Help

Our new help system is available since version 0.10.2 and is online for all users via context- and datensensitive help. Just press F1 and you will be taken to the corresponding online help.

Thanks to the great community of BushTripInjector and especially the work of FronTech this comprehensive help could be built up and to most functions and fields a detailed help could be offered to you.

Also as Knowledgebase this is available at for all.

Everyone is invited to contribute and participate. Planned is a tutorial section where comprehensive solutions in creating BushTrips will be presented in a simple and understandable way.

Content from the community is welcome. So if you have a good approach to create, contact us. We will be happy to include it in the tutorials.


DazzaJay’s How To Video Guide

DazzaJay created a great Video Guide of BushTripInjector to create BushTrips.

Watch on Youtube and give him a like and subscription for this work!

BushTrips and Sceneries of DazzaJay

DazzaJay also published some Liveries and two very nice BushTrips for free:

Checkout his content here: What? Who? Where?


Partnership with Perfect Flight

Perfect Flight, the official partner for missions in Microsoft Flightsimulator and BuffyGC announce an important partnership.

BushTripInjector Pro is now the official software used by Perfect Flight for own products and Microsoft Flightsimulator Bush Trips in World Updates.

Thomas Kohlhund aka BuffyGC and the whole team of BushTripInjector are happy with this cooperation and Partnership. Marco Martini, head of Perfect Flight, is a lovely and smooth person and I am glad to have met such a great person and creator.

Marco Martini says: “I’m really happy with this partnership. Thomas is really a wonderful person, and we immediately found a cooperation agreement. This tool is indispensable for developers because it makes the creation of missions 100 times faster”.

I’m looking forward to the next Sim Update with wonderful and great mission of Perfect Flight. Many thanks goes to Jörg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flightsimulator, for connecting us!

For more information on perfect flight, visit:

Perfect Flight is official Partner of Microsoft Flightsimulator since June 2021. World Update V Bush Trips and Landing Challenges were the first one that comes from Perfect Flight.


Our New Discord Server

I’m glad to announce the official BushTripInjector’s discord server is life now!

Meet other BushTrip creators, find new friends or make a group flight. Feel free to join now: BushTripInjector’s discord.

Get support from the developer of BushTripInjector or from the great community.