Partnership with Perfect Flight

Perfect Flight, the official partner for missions in Microsoft Flightsimulator and BuffyGC announce an important partnership.

BushTripInjector Pro is now the official software used by Perfect Flight for own products and Microsoft Flightsimulator Bush Trips in World Updates.

Thomas Kohlhund aka BuffyGC and the whole team of BushTripInjector are happy with this cooperation and Partnership. Marco Martini, head of Perfect Flight, is a lovely and smooth person and I am glad to have met such a great person and creator.

Marco Martini says: “I’m really happy with this partnership. Thomas is really a wonderful person, and we immediately found a cooperation agreement. This tool is indispensable for developers because it makes the creation of missions 100 times faster”.

I’m looking forward to the next Sim Update with wonderful and great mission of Perfect Flight. Many thanks goes to Jörg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flightsimulator, for connecting us!

For more information on perfect flight, visit:

Perfect Flight is official Partner of Microsoft Flightsimulator since June 2021. World Update V Bush Trips and Landing Challenges were the first one that comes from Perfect Flight.