MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum and BushTripInjector announces an important partnership. Bushtripinjector Pro Edition is now the official software used by MiGMan in the development of its products.

BushTripInjector is a software based on the .net framework to create BushTrips, DiscoveryFlights and Training Missions for the Microsoft Flightsimulator. Since Sim Update 5 of Microsoft Flight Simulator all of the Bush Trips included in the sim are created with BushTripInjector.

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum is pleased to be working with BushTripInjector, which will solve the technical issues involved in publishing this type of content in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Peter from MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum says “BushTripInjector has created an invaluable toolkit for content creators who want to publish in the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace. Thomas is extremely attuned to the needs of developers and quick to address the technical issues which arise in such a complex eco-system.”

Thomas from BushTripInjector is really happy about this partnership: “Peter is a really wonderful and smart person with much experience in creating add-ons for the different simulators. We are very proud to support MiGMan with new releases and to provide further market access.”

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