Koschi, very well-known and popular through much freeware Bushtrips supports Microsoft in creating incredible missions for the MS-Flightsimulator.

Koschi says he loves Bushtrips, and therefore likes to create some himself and not only for the English-speaking flight simulator community but for all languages. With this introduction he welcomes his users on All his missions are multi-lingual.

His repertoire includes tricky missions, outstanding sightseeing, re-flying historical routes and of course discovering new areas. It is no surprise that some of his missions are in his home country and introduce the user to it with extensive details about landmarks and historical references.

Each of his tours has a self-contained theme that fascinates the user for several days. From simple trips to complex missions, Koschi has something for everyone.

With over 40 freely available missions on, Koschi is one of the most famous authors, if not the most famous. More than 20,000 downloads confirm his success.

His most successful project Flight Adventure: “Alpine pilot”, for example, includes 17 separate trips with different conditions and levels of difficulty. Of course, Koschi creates his trips exclusively with BushTripInjector.

The BushTripInjector team congratulates Koschi for his engagement with Microsoft, well actually Koschi already belongs to both teams.

Have fun flying the new Local-Legend-Missions with the Fokker of Koschi in Microsoft Flightsimulator.

Congratulations to this incredible success!