We are back

BushTripInjector is back. Download current version from Flightsim.to


  • UPDATE: Productkey & Activation:
    With this version you need a Productkey to run BushTripInjector. Fill out the in-app registration form and send it by mail as requested.
    Please allow up to 24h for grant.
  • USER-REQ: Swap Action in ProximityTrigger:
    In Events&Triggers Editor, now you can swap the actions between Enter (Fly-In) and Exit (Fly-Out) actions.
  • USER-REQ: Show changelog on first start of an updated BushTripInjector.
  • UPDATE: Some changes and additions in the EULA/Terms and Conditions
  • UPDATE: Replaced the outdated maps key with a new one.
  • UPDATE: Anti-Meridian-Handling:
    Fixed an issue when the trip goes over antemeridian, and the second part is deeper over antemeridian than the first one. Known issue: Scenery and Landmark pushpins are not shown.
  • UPDATE: SPB-Viewer:
    Updated the Property Definitions for SPB-Viewer to Sim-Version
  • UPDATE: Fixed an issue with adding Landmarks from Flightsim.to or LittleNavMap Userpoints when no further Landmarks are present.
  • UPDATE: Fixed an issue with removing HTML-Tags for TTS when “no translation” is selected.
  • UPDATE: some changes to EULA
  • UPDATE: Moved some local computing parts of BTI into the cloud.
  • UPDATE: Removed some typos (and add some more 🙂 )
  • UPDATE: Updated dependencies/NuGet packages (Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors)