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The Database shows you all airports, runways and if installed all parking spots included in MSFS. The window is splitted in three areas. In the upper, there are the airports, bottom left the runways and bottom right the placing spots. You can resize each area with the sliders.

With the Filter text you can filter the shown airport. The filter is a full text search for ICAO, Name and City.

Database Version and Parking-Db Version shows you the Sim Version of the database.

Show on Map leads you to a 3D overview of the airport in World Map. The bounding rectangle in the World Map view are the Top/Left/Bottom/Right coordinates of any coordinate stored for this airport in the sim. This includes any facility, apron, taxiway, runway aso.


ICAOThe ICAO Code of the airport
NameThe Name of the airport
CityThe City associated with the airport
Lat/LonThe reference location
AltElevation of the reference point
Mag.Decl.The magnetic declination of the airport
Has FuelFuel flags from sim representation the availability of fuel
Longest RWLength and surface of the longest runway
Has TowerAvailability of tower and/or tower frequency
Is CloseIs the airport already closed?
Is militaryMilitary use of the airport
Runway#Number of Hard/Soft/Water runways
Parkings#Number of parking at the airport
TopLatTop (north) latitude of any airport coordinate in the sim
LeftLonLeft (west) longitude of any airport coordinate in the sim
BottomLatBottom (south) latitude of any airport coordinate in the sim
RightLonRight (east) longitude of any airport coordinate in the sim


RunwayRunway number
Lat/LonStart position of the runway
AltAltitude of the runway
HeadingTrue and magnetic heading of the runway


The parkings are only available if you have installed the separate parking database. This is available in the downloads section, too.

ApronAreaThe apron area where the parking is located
NameShort name of the apron area
NumberThe number of the parking
TypeThe type of the parking
Lat/LonPosition of the parking
HeadingTrue and magnetic heading


The procedures are only available if you have installed and loaded the database with the navigation data. The database is available in the download area. If it is available but not loaded, you can do this by pressing the button “Load Navigation Database”.

ProcedureThe type of the procedure
RunwayThe runway for which the procedure is valid.
NameThe name/ident of the procedure
TransitionIf applicable, the name of the transition.
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